Come to a clear and neutral space where there is no judgement or expectation.

A place where you can get a massage .... or a message.

My name is

 Sue Rowse. I was born with what some call a gift. I thought everyone could see what I saw when I was young. 

I now use my gift to help people like you move forward in your life. This comes through differently for each person, in each visit. Sometimes work is done on an energetic level with the body during a Bowen treatment or healing facial. 

Other times it needs to be acknowledged or spoken out loud for the shift to happen, and it's a Soul Reading that would help you most.

That's why I love what I do! Every person is totally unique, with a different path, and a different purpose.

So if you need a hand to feel more in tune with yourself, to feel more balanced, or gain direction, I would be honoured to be of assistance.

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