Bowen Therapy

Traditional Bow-Tech 

Re-aligns body and soul

Very gentle ...Very Effective

Releases deep emotional disturbances 

Allows the body to re-align and brings the body back into balance

Often combined with a Soul Reading, receive messages from above whilst your body re-aligns.

Raindrops Plus

Nine pure healing oils are applied to the soles of the feet using an ancient Vita-Flex technique, the oils are then dropped six inches above the spinal column and again using a special technique are absorbed into every organ of the body....detoxes...purifies...heals.

Anti - viral

Anti - inflammatory

Anti - Fungal

It's right for you if you need deep nurturing and profound detoxification

Healing Facial

Using pure organic products this facial includes a healing face lymphatic drainage massage.

It's more than just outward beauty.

Glow from within

Chakra Clearing Foot Massage 

Re-align from the ground up.

It's ideal for you if you need some balance in your life and don't know where to start.


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